Case Study


We'll keep this short and sweet, because the truth is, it’s pretty simple. MEDHOST let us make some baller work and we helped them stand out from the uniform style and tone of the healthcare industry.

Make it unique.

We developed a super cool 3D style and combined it with cat jokes and superhero analogies. The result helps MEDHOST a uniquely memorable company in a sea of potential vendors.

Make it versatile.

In today's market, you need creative that can work across many mediums. The assets developed were delivered for use on the MEDHOST website, landing pages, educational content, social media, and more.

What exactly did we do for MEDHOST?

Little bit of this, little bit of that. Also, we provided advice on style and tone based on competitive analysis, wrote drafts of scripts for the videos, illustrated, modeled, and animated the super cool 3D stuff, and delivered everything in a bunch of different formats.